Workplace Campaign FAQs


Do we have to have a minimum number of employees to run a United Way campaign?
Whether your company is tiny with just a few employees, or a large employer with a staff of dozens (or hundreds), your business can support the United Way of Delta County with a workplace campaign.
Why should we run a workplace United Way campaign?
Because helping others feels good, especially when you know your contribution stays here in Delta County. United Way dollars are invested in local programs with proven success. A workplace campaign allows your employees to give at a level that is comfortable for them, and also fosters pride in being part of a company that cares about its community.
Do we have to offer payroll deduction?
No. While payroll deduction is often the easiest and preferred way for employees to give, there are many other options. You can ask everyone to make a one-time donation, or participate in some creative, fun activity to raise money (click here for some great ideas).
How do we start a workplace campaign?
Simply click here to contact the United Way of Delta County or call: (906) 786-3736. We will provide pledge forms, campaign materials and support and work with you to determine the most effective way to engage your employees. We can help you set up payroll deductions and other giving options and arrange for speakers to come to a staff meeting (this is not required, but is a great way for you and your staff to learn more about the United Way and our work in Delta County). Your campaign can be very simple or more involved, and we will help you every step of the way.
How long does a workplace campaign last?
We typically recommend a two to three-week campaign, to keep the information and enthusiasm fresh. This also helps prevent the dreaded “lost in the pile” syndrome. Employees are more likely to turn in their pledge forms promptly if there is a relatively quick end date.
When do we run our United Way campaign?
Our official campaign season is September 1 – December 31 each year. However, if your company would prefer to support the United Way at a different time of year we will be happy to work with you. Donations and pledges are accepted year-round!
Is there a minimum pledge amount?
Not at all! We want to give people the opportunity to support the United Way in an amount that is comfortable and meaningful for them. Every donation helps! We have received payroll deduction pledges of 50 cents per pay period, and one-time contributions of $1 or $5. The amount of the contribution is completely up to the individual, every gift is appreciated and no one is pressured to give.
Is this going to be a burden on my bookkeeper?
It shouldn’t be! If your company offers payroll deduction, you can decide how often you want to send payments to the United Way. Many companies pay once a month, but some pay quarterly or even annually. You can also make electronic payments.
Will my company be recognized?
We love to champion our supporters!  We can come to your business with our “big check” and do a check presentation photo, which can be posted on our website and social media channels (and your company’s, too!) as well as in the newspaper (if the donation amount meets their guidelines for publishing). This is also a great opportunity for us to say thank you to your company and employees for supporting the United Way of Delta County!