Campaign Ideas

Putting FUN into your United Way campaign!

Here are some ideas for fun special events that can be done for the United Way. These can be done to supplement a workplace campaign or can be the way your business supports the United Way. 
1. Give away a prime parking space for a year.
2. Have a cute pet contest and vote with dollars.
3. Hold a "management" car wash (where managers/supervisors wash the cars)
4. "Flying Flamingos" - Flamingos show up in the yards of employees (someone purchases the flamingo to put in someone else's yard). The "victims" have to pay to get them out and off to someone else (i.e. $5 or $10), or pay for "insurance" (i.e. $20) to keep from getting them in the first place.  
5. "Goofy Hat" fundraiser (similar to flamingos) - Buy a hat for $5 to put on a coworker. $10 to remove a hat. $25 for insurance to not be "hatted".
6. CEO valet parks employee cars
7. CEO duct-taped to the wall (I think I can find a photo of this to share if you're interested) - employees pay $1 for a length of duct tape, and the boss is literally taped to the wall. There are some companies that apparently have a lot of fun with this.
8. Ice cream socials, hot dog sales, catered lunches, etc.
9.  Lollipop tree – Employees pay $1 to draw a lollipop out of a “tree”.  Tips of lollipop sticks are marked with various colors, which are matched to prizes (or no color means they just get the lollipop).
10.  Kiss the Pig  -  Select 4 to 5 staff members - typically top dept heads, managers, etc.  Each has a team representing them and this team goes all out on internal promotions over a period of time, one week I think – kind of like a political campaign "vote for" style.  
On event day, each team decorates a display table with a voting jar.  The displays are all lined up together in the front lobby of the workplace.  Employees and the public are invited to stop by throughout the allotted time and cast their vote (with money).  The local media may do interest stories on the event helping them get the vote out.  Everyone gathers at the magic deadline time, whistle is blown and then the money is counted somewhat quickly with the lucky 4/5 folks standing near in anticipation.  The pig is also on site anxiously awaiting their debut!  Winner is announced and it's pucker up time!  The photo is published in the newspaper and on social media. It's a lot of fun!
United Way staff will assist in any way we can with any event or fun activity you’d like to do with your employees!